‘Swavlamban’ aims to improve the livelihoods of farmers and their families through progressive farming that decreases input costs, increases production, connects them with financial networks, and takes full advantage of government assistance. Swavlamban targets the problem of poverty in a context where as many as 80% of families survive by means of subsistence farming. Advanced farming practices with the help of progressive government schemes offer farmers the promise of better standards of living, but in remote and underprivileged communities agriculture workers are still not reaching their full potential. Swavlamban seeks to educate farmers about these available practices and government programs in order to propel them towards a future of dignity and a better living wage for them and their families. Consistent and adequate income empowers individuals and creates a better home environment where children are more likely to experience all of their rights.

‘Womenia’ aims to provide a mother mentor to each child’s family, especially to the children (at least until they reach the basic level of understanding). The core focus of this programme is to teach the alphabetical and basic academic knowledge to the illiterate women, endowing them with correct health and hygiene practices and making them a demanding citizen for all their deserving rights and government schemes. We do this by opening literacy centres in the different locations in which we work. (Shelter for these centres are borne by the communities itself.) Furthermore, literacy counseling and drives helps us to mobilize community support.